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St. Georgen / Straß im Attergau
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Make your tracks through the snowy winter landscape of Straß im Attergau. Cross-country skiing pleasure is guaranteed here!
From leisurely gliding to somewhat more challenging cross-country skiing, there is something for everyone. Beautiful panoramic views over the snow-covered fields and forests make cross-country skiing an unforgettable experience.

A snow cover of at least 20 cm and a forested surface are required so that the cross-country skiing trails can be groomed without damaging the ground! At particularly exposed places, which are exposed to snow drifts, tracking is often difficult even with supposedly sufficient snow cover.

The starting point of the approx. 8 km long, classic cross-country ski trail is Fronbühel. Leave your car here and walk about 50 m in the direction of Powang to the trail entrance. Different sections offer many variations for different sporting requirements.

So get on your cross-country skis and enter the winter world of Straß im Attergau!



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Ziehen Sie Ihre Spuren durch die verschneite Winterlandschaft von Straß im Attergau hoch oben am Wimberg oder in Fronbühel-Powang. Langlaufvergnügen ist hier garantiert! Die St. Georgenrunde wird gerne von Einheimischen und Schülerinnen und Schülern aus St. Georgen genützt. Durch ihre zentrale Lage können sie direkt von der Haustüre in die Loipe einsteigen.
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