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Fuschl am See
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The cross country skiing tracks in Fuschl am See consists of 4 different tracks, with every level of difficulty. All tracks are mostly connected and offer you 18 kilometres of beautiful panorama-tracks, for the classic cross country skiing style.

The cross country skiing track Bambichl-Perfall leads you from the car park/info point Oberbrunn in the direction to Perfall. There you can have some beautiful views down to Fuschl am See. The track goes further over the Bambichl. When you have reached the Bambichl you can follow the track to the Ellmau track or you can turn around and comlete the course. The track Bambichl-Perfall is for practised cross country skiiers, because there are some ascending parts.

The cross country tracks Village and Ellmau start in the centre of Fuschl am See (behind the building of the primary school). In the village you have 2 kilometres of flat tracks for the classic cross country skiing style. The track "Ellmau" is connected and then you have another 8 kilometers to ski. The Village- and Ellmau-tracks are good for beginners, because most of the party are very flat and easy.

With over 130 kilometres of well prepared trails in 7 villages of the Fuschlsee region has an excellent reputation amongst cross-country skiers. Highlight is the resort of Faistenau with approximately 55 kilometres of good trails as well as extra services is a must for cross-country enthusiasts. Plentiful parking, changing rooms, showers and toilets and ski hire are available for the ambitious as well as nature loving cross-country skiers.


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Sport Auer in Faistenau

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