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Snowpark Verbier

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Snowpark Verbier

Verbier / 4 Vallées

- Snowpark de Verbier

Snowpark Verbier & Airbag

The snow park is located on the sunny La Chaux and is open due to the altitude from the beginning of December. At the foot of the famous Bec des Rosses by the Verbier Xtreme, with views of the Grand Combin, the Swatch Snowpark Verbier welcomes all freestylers - whether snowboarder or freeskier - at all riding levels. With more than 20 elements the snowpark offers a large number of rails, boxes and kickers and so on.

The snow park is served through its own Chaux Express chairlift, that takes you quickly and efficiently back up.

Verbier Snowpark is:

  • a Big Air Bag Park at Chalet Carlsberg
  • an Audi Skicross at la Chaux
  • a mini KL on the slope of Attelas
  • and a snowpark at La Chaux

Located at an altitude of 2,250m altitude, with a multitude of diverse and varied modules (kickers, rails, boxs, big air,...), the La Chaux snowpark boasts guaranteed snow and sunshine! It is suitable for all levels, secured and maintained daily for your enjoyment !

  • 2 starts, 5 lines, 1 airbag
  • green line (WOOPS)
  • blue line (3 kickers and easy rails, for beginners)
  • red line (3 kickers and 9 rails)
  • black line (2 kickers and 5 rails)

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Snowpark Verbier

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Audi Funpark La Tzoumaz


This winter brings you some exciting novelties, amongst them the Audi Funpark at la Tzoumaz. A sort of hybrid between a snowpark and a boardercross, this new track is all about fun, boasting small steep curves, small jumps and even a tunnel. The fun slope promises lots of fun, with the opportunity to hire a drone on certain days to film your exploits. The opening is planned for mid-January or even earlier if snowfalls are abundant at the start of the season.


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